No cameras and phones means more ‘REAL’ personal time at Karli Henriquez’ birthday

Karli Henriquez (Karli From The Block 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles) had a special birthday celebration with a few of her close friends. As guests arrived they were handed a paper lunch bag and a sharpie and told to write their name on the bag. Then they were asked to put their phones in it and trust that they’d get them back at the end of the evening.

Taking phones away was maybe the best idea of the evening. No one looked down to check social media. No one paused to take a photo. Everyone filled 100 percent of the evening with talking, laughter, and feasting…a combination that many of them hadn’t done in years.

I was asked to capture images that would convey the emotions that would later be vividly recalled and re-told. I’m glad she liked what I caught.

Here’s a few images from that evening.


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