Wedding anniversary photo session at the Pasadena PD Heliport

Sandra told me they haven’t taken any ‘real’ pictures since they got married 9 years ago and it was due time to add fresh family photos. Ryan is a cop that started on the streets with the Pasadena police department and recently got his chance to be part of the air support team (read: Rides in helicopters that provide support for things like a car chase).

The Pasadena PD Heliport hangars are just north of the Rose Bowl and backed by the mountains that line the Angeles National Forest. Pasadena has a built in ‘wow-factor’ from the street but I believe that the ‘WOW’s multiply the higher you go up. On take off they seem to beeline a route toward the Rose Bowl and hook east toward Old Town Pasadena. It’s simply a scenic experience that no map or set of photos could replicate.

So, a picturesque backdrop meets an exclusive work environment meets an anniversary photo shoot — thanks for the opportunity Ryan & Sandra!

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