The Container Yard – High resolution images of the latest street art in the DTLA Arts District

DTLA’s Arts District is famous for its vast amounts of street art. You can see murals on walls along every street, alley, and walkway. It’s only fitting that when you transform an old warehouse into anything it should include the passions of the community. Located at the abandoned factory that invented Mochi Ice Cream, this newest addition to this arts corridor might hold the most murals done by street artists at a private location.

Inside (and outside) this half a city block’s grouping of buildings you’ll find art by Vyal, James Haunt, Ease One, Mar, MDMN, Septerhed, Moncho1929, Zes, Selfuno, Starfightera, Arbe, Gafler, and more.

The before-and-after photos included in this set show an amazing transition from wall to mural. Some of these walls were 40′ high, some were over 100′ long.

The Container Yard is located at 800 E. 4th Street, in Los Angeles.

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