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My first career opportunity came in 2008, as a writer for Hypebeast. At the time, the site was literally only a handful of people big, if that, and nowhere near as sophisticated as it is now. The writing staff consisted of myself and my colleague Eugene and that was about it.

For me though, it was an amazing first start in what would become a long journey in the world of web publishing. I ended up staying with Hypebeast 5 years, working my way up from a glorified writing intern to editor, senior editor and the company’s go-to North American. I was actually the only American presence the Hong Kong-based magazine had for many years, eventually allowing me to build a staff and take on more of a leadership role.

Before that, I worked my way up in the world of retail, from high school through college. I stepped foot just everywhere, from Finishline to Zumiez. I was never content with being another sales associate and couldn’t stand folding shirts all day, plus working holidays was torture. My drive for promotion eventually turned into management positions, which unknowingly prepared me for my career path in more ways than I could have ever imagined. In the end I just wanted to do something I loved, but constantly felt like society pigeon holed me into a certain stereotype and I had to get the proverbial monkey off my back.

I met my friend Mando last year at an event with Nike. He was an intriguing guy. Radio personality, brand influencer, youth motivator. I’ve always prided myself on my heritage and it was awesome seeing another fellow latino achieving his dreams. We shared a lot in common and I felt like his story was one that needed to be told. We caught up in the studio last week to chat about our journeys in the world of media and I got to know the man behind the Power 106 airwaves a little bit more.

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