Pasadena Engagement Session: Kristen & Jon

Great chefs know how to combine and plate their ingredients to create a delicious dish. A great hostess knows how to efficiently seat and attend to guests to make the resteraunt flow smoothly. Jon and Kristen met while they were working at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion restaurant in Pasadena. He was great at handling the back of the house as the chef; she was tops in handling the front of the house as the hostess. They were perfect in their roles and from a restaurant’s perspective these two are simply a great pairing that goes well with each other’s life.

Since they worked, met, partied, lived, and will get married in Pasadena it’s only fitting that this photo session include Arroyo Seco Park and Pasadena’s City Hall. Here’s a quick look into their engagement session.

You should try out Jon’s menu at Zilin’s in Pasadena (34 S. Raymond Ave.). His style fuses the familiar flavors of Filipino, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese making each dish nothing short of delicious!

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