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City Of Hope
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Dolce Vita
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Big Boy (Big Boy’s Neighborhood / Real 92.3)
David Banner (Recording artist)
Disko Drew (Power 106)
DJ Hed (Real 92.3)
DJ Los (Power 106)
Dj Lucky Lou
Dj Mike-Ill
DJ Neil Jackson
Dj Sourmilk (Power 106)
Dj Turbulence
Dj Vice (Celebrity DJ)
Dustin Felder (Celebrity Acting Coach)
Fuzzy Fantabulous (Beats Music/Capitol Records)
Justin Credible (Power 106)
Krystal Bee (97.1 AMP Radio)
Latifa Tee (Artist)
Liz Hernandez (Influencer)
Mando Fresko (Power 106 / HubWav)
Nicky G (Influencer)
Quincy Harris / Qdeezy – The Q on Fox (Philadelphia)
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Sydel Curry (Complex Networks)
Vick One (Real 92.3)

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