Ciroc Premium Vodka social media campaign

Ciroc Premium Vodka needed to create a series of videos that reached out to a internet based market like Youtube and Vimeo. They wanted to stay away from ultra polished works and lean more toward a produced-organic style. Each video featured three of Big Boy’s Neighborhood’s co-hosts: Rikki Martinez, Krystal Bee and Louie G. The videos revolve around three available flavors of Ciroc Premium Vodka. As each flavor is touched the bottle acts as a type of genie bottle where a dream is materialized. As each bottle is handled the characters quickly find out what is happening and by the third bottle they’ve wished for the exact thing they wanted.

Dream Responsibly Krystal from big boy on Vimeo.

Dream Responsibly Rikki Martinez from big boy on Vimeo.

Dream Responsibly Louie G from big boy on Vimeo.

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